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Change Visa Status Japan

Change Working Visa to Student Visa and Stay in Japan

Change Your Working Visa to Student Visa and Stay in Japan Processing Time: 1 month or less* (from when you submit your application) APPLY NOW If you currently live in Japan, lost your job with working visa in Japan, the application process is very simple to change your visa and attend our Japanese language school in Tokyo. It […]

Student Visa Application Process Guide

Japan Student Visa Guide 2021

One of our goals is to provide you with the easiest process to complete your application to study in Japan. With our student visa guide we hope to make the process more straightforward for you, especially during these times of COVID-19. If you have any specific questions outside of this guide, please feel free to […]

How to open a bank account in Japan

How to open a bank account in Japan

Japanese banks are making great efforts to open up to foreign clients. ATMs, staff and even some banks’ websites are now available in English. However, opening a bank account in Japan remains a tedious process. The documents that need to be provided depend on each bank, but most of the time you will need: a […]

Work in Japan with a student visa

Work in Japan with a student visa

To work with a student visa you have to: Go to the immigration website and download the request for exemption document Fill out the document They will ask you for your passport and your foreign resident card Return the file to the Immigration Office Once obtained, you will be allowed to work a maximum of […]

Renting an Apartment in Tokyo

Renting an Apartment in Tokyo

Renting an apartment in Japan can be very pricey in the beginning. On top of your first rent, you will need to consider several other fees such as key money, agency fees and other related fees. Moving in can usually cost up to three or four times your monthly rent. Furthermore, you will also need […]

how to find work in Japan

Baito and part-time job: how to find work in Japan

Part-time jobs in Japan are truly abundant. However, they usually require a solid knowledge of Japanese. If your Japanese is still weak, English can make the difference. International restaurants and language schools are usually looking for staff capable of speaking English as well as other languages. There are also several websites posting job offers targeting […]

Hanko. A seal as a signature in Japan

Hanko & Inkan. A seal as a signature in Japan

In Japan, an inkan or a hanko corresponds to a signature. This signature is actually replaced by a seal on which the name of a person or company is engraved. This seal is used for most of the legal acts and contracts involving its owner. An inkan is necessary for every Japanese citizen and any […]

Share houses in Japan: rent a room in Tokyo

Share houses in Japan: rent a room in Tokyo

Whether you’d like to be in a double room, individual room or in a dormitory, Tokyo offers many housing options. To rent a room of this type in the centre of Tokyo, allow at least ¥ 75,000/month. This price usually covers the rent of a furnished room in a shared apartment as well as common […]

zairyu-card-residence card in Japan

How to obtain the Japanese residence card?

The residence card is mandatory for anyone who intends to remain in Japan longer than the period of stay authorised with a tourist visa. It is used as an ID-card in the Japanese administration system. The residence card will be required for most of the procedures that you will need to complete within the first […]

Work and study in Japan on a WHV. live in japan, study japanese language with SNG

Work & study in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa

If you want to study and work in Japan with a WHV: – You are allowed to work in Japan with a WHV – Income from this activity should only be complementary – WHV holders are not allowed to take part in some specific professional activities (See list) – Violating these rules will lead to […]