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Please join us for our next online information session. At our info session, you will learn about our Japanese language school, our admissions process and application deadlines, the Ezoe Teaching Method, support for going to school and getting a job in Japan, and much more.

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May, 22, 2021 (Saturday)


10:00~11:00 AM Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
12:00~1:00 PM

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Information Session Agenda

This is a 60 minute online session. We will be covering the following topics and more regarding coming to Japan and attending the Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute:

  • What is the process to apply for a visa?
  • Currently, is it even possible to apply for a student visa in Japan?
  • What is the situation within Japan with COVID-19?
  • Is it possible to enter Japan? What are the conditions required by the government for your arrival?
  • Are classes are held at school or online?

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Please click the button for your preferred viewing platform below to join our live information sessions. We will be LIVE: 10:00~11:00 AM Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
12:00~1:00 PM

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